Accounting that keeps your business running smoothly

At our boutique accounting firm in Rototuna, Hamilton, you'll remember just how rewarding running your business can be.


Nobody gets into business because it’s easy – but with City Edge Accountants you’ll find it easier.

When you work with us for your business accounting, you’ll get much more than a nicely-bound booklet of numbers each year. You’ll also get practical management advice and up-to-date tax information that you can use to make those numbers even bigger.

We offer a full accounting service, from looking after your financial statements, income tax and GST, right through to taking care of your company’s payroll, cashflow forecasting and providing client-focussed management advice. And wherever you are in business, whether you’re a start-up or a long-established company, we can help you in all areas of your business development.

To get ahead in business you need to act, not react.

Act now, and ask about our business accounting services today.


Employers' Kit

Our Employers’ Kit makes it much easier for you to keep up with compliance, especially if you’re new to being an employer. With important checklists, forms, and letters on all areas of employment, you’ll be prepared for anything that crops up.


Act now, and ask about our business accounting services today.