We want your business to be successful. We want to be there for your business as it grows, as you overcome your challenges, and as you build your vision and make it happen.

We’ve seen businesses face just about every challenge over the last 30 years. We’ve also been through a lot of them ourselves, and we know that accounting is about much more than preparing your financial statements. It’s about protecting your assets and building value, and helping you make sense of what’s happening now so you can plan for your future.

We work as a partnership with our clients. You’ll get smart, professional advice from our relaxed, friendly team. We always want you to feel comfortable asking us any question – and sharing the odd joke, too.

Come and see us – we’ll get the coffee on.


Here's the City Edge Accountants team. We're an approachable team, and are happy to provide you with friendly advice on your accounting, taxation, and business.

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